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An International Network

Our international presence allows our 6 million monthly customers to achieve the best possible bargains when purchasing second-hand items.

Our other search engines within the Asia Pacific region include for-sale.in for India, for Japan and for Singapore. Our network has a firm presence in North America: used.forsale for the US and within Europe: for-sale.co.uk for the United Kingdom, site-annonce.fr for France, gebraucht-kaufen.de for Germany, gebraucht-kaufen.at for Austria, compra-venta.es for Spain, in-vendita.it for Italy and for Sweden.

In order to provide our service within smaller nations and to further reaches of the globe we host search engines in South America: usadobrasil.com.br for Brasil, venta.com.ar for Argentina, venta-de.com.co for Columbia, venta-de.com.pe for Perou, venta-de.cl for Chili, venta-de.com.ve for Venezuela and Venta.com.mx for Mexico; for-sale.com.ng for Nigeria and Forsale.co.za for South Africa and the smaller countries of Ireland, for-sale.ie, and Belgium, site-annonce.be. We have also recently expanded the network by launching in the Netherlands, te-koop.com and Poland uzywane.com.